Lansdowne Park Redevelopment Update

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May 01 2010 News from ward5eli – Urban Park Design Competition
The City’s design competition, being held in partnership with the National Capital Commission (NCC) and Parks Canada Agency (Parks Canada), involves five teams working to produce designs for an urban park at Lansdowne.

The design teams have been working since February 19, 2010, when the City released the names of the firms invited to compete for the design of Lansdowne Park’s open space. Simultaneously, a team of architects retained by the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) is working to produce plans for the stadium renovation and mixed-use area.

During the first two weeks of April the five design teams were provided with additional information that responded to questions they had posed as well as information regarding the most current evolution of the design being developed by the OSEG design team. The original concept plans presented by the OSEG design team are changing significantly to reflect the design guidelines established by the Strategic Design Review and Advisory Panel (the Panel), information provided by the historic and retail reports, and the public feedback received to date.

As a result of the provision of this information, the urban park design teams requested a one-week extension to the timeline for submission of their designs. George Dark, Chair of the Panel, supported the request for an extension. Subsequently, the extension was considered and approved by the Steering Committee overseeing the competition, which includes representatives from the City, NCC and Parks Canada. This change in schedule will not impact the timelines for the overall project or the corresponding report to Council.

The proposed park designs will now be made public on May 20, 2010 which will kick off a 12-day period of public consultation. Details of the public consultation process for the designs will be available next week, but the process will provide for the designs to be posted on the City’s website, and to be released to the media and displayed at several major City facilities. Comments received through this process will be provided to the selection jury, as well as the Panel, City Council, the NCC and Parks Canada.

Design of the Mixed-use Area and Stadium Renovation

The design work underway for the stadium renovation and urban mixed-use area is being led by architects Barry Hobin and Ritchard Brisbin who are working with Cannon Design. This design work will be integrated with the winning park design for an overall master plan.

The design team’s work is aimed at creating what City Council, last fall, described as “a unique and dynamic urban space” and has been informed by several documents including:

* The Guiding Principles developed by the Lansdowne Strategic Design Review and Advisory Panel;
* The report prepared by heritage consultants Commonwealth Historic Resources [PDF 6.96 MB];
* The report on the retail strategy prepared by consultants JC Williams [PDF 2.52 MB]; and,
* The directions set out in the Request for Proposals document, A Vision for Lansdowne [PDF 2.04 MB].

These documents outline the history of Lansdowne, the nature of the urban development being sought and the important connections this site has with surrounding neighbourhoods, adjacent NCC green space, the Queen Elizabeth Driveway corridor and Parks Canada’s UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rideau Canal.

The issues being worked through in the design include:

* Integration of the stadium’s new south-side stands with the Queen Elizabeth Driveway, the NCC’s historic gateway into the capital.
* Organizing buildings to create an authentic mixed-use inner city gathering place with unique open spaces that are lively and oriented to pedestrians.
* Treating Francis Sullivan’s Horticulture Building in a manner that is authentic to the 150-year history of Lansdowne but also makes the building a significant public asset.
* Integrating the Ottawa Farmers’ Market into the renovated Lansdowne.
* Configuring the mixed-use area to be a positive, supportive and lasting addition to the Glebe neighbourhood and history of the site.
* Designing access points, roads and loading areas that enable effective access to Lansdowne for special events.

The Panel has met with the Hobin, Brisbin and Cannon design team, to review elements of the stadium renovation and urban mixed-use area plans and to provide feedback. Additional meetings will take place between now and the end of June, when City Council is scheduled to make the next decision regarding the Lansdowne Partnership Plan. The Panel will provide a peer review function as directed by Council on the stadium renovation and mixed-use area plans and will provide direction and suggestions for ongoing refinements as these plans progress towards the June report to Council. As described previously, this work will be combined with the winning park design to establish the overall design for Lansdowne.

The City in partnership with OSEG, are planning a public release of the stadium renovation and mixed-use area of the plan for Thursday, May 27, one week after the release of the five proposed designs for the urban park.

The goal of the May 27th event is to detail the Hobin, Brisbin and Cannon team’s overall design approach, their notional directions for integration with the urban park, and to inform Ottawa citizens about how the design has changed. The public will have the opportunity to comment on the various elements of the proposed design and how they fit together with the proposals received through the design competition for the urban park component.

This public input will be provided to the Panel for their consideration and review. The Panel will work with the winning design team, and the Hobin, Brisbin and Cannon team, to develop the strategy to integrate the urban park plan with the stadium renovation and urban mixed-use area plan and will consult with the NCC and Parks Canada regarding the plan in relation to the Queen Elizabeth Driveway corridor.

If City Council approves moving forward in June, public comments will continue through the formal site plan approval process and through the detailed design for the various elements of the integrated master plan.

Stage One Implementation work for Lansdowne Park – Consultant

On April 6, 2010, the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee (CSEDC) approved the Terms of Reference for the peer review of the Lansdowne retail market assessment studies. CSEDC directed that proposals be obtained from at least three firms with expertise to undertake retail study peer reviews and that the firm that is best able to respond to Council’s requirements as expressed in the approved Terms of Reference be retained within existing delegated authority.

A request for expressions of interest for this work was issued on April 9, 2010 to five firms and closed on April 16, 2010. After evaluating and interviewing proponents from the four submissions received through this process Malone Given Parsons has been retained to complete the necessary work. Malone Given Parsons will be contacting the authors of the original studies Lansdowne Retail Market Demand and Impact Analysis [PDF 1.47 MB] produced by Tate Economic Research Inc. and the Market Research Study: Glebe Business Improvement Area Ottawa, Ont. [PDF 147 KB] produced by the Market Research Corporation for the Glebe Business Improvement Area, to undertake the peer review study as outlined in the April 6, 2010 Lansdowne Park revitalization – Terms of Reference: Retail Studies Peer Review report.

Next Steps

May 20, 2010 – Public release of the five proposed urban park designs
May 20th to May 31, 2010 – Public consultation on the five urban park design proposals.
May 27, 2010 – Tentative date to release the overall design approach for the stadium and urban mixed-use area.
June 9, 2010 – Report tabled at Council.

The City is working to confirm dates and times to receive public delegations and for deliberation by Council.

The hard work of the design teams on this project and the positive suggestions and constructive changes made by the Strategic Design Review and Advisory Panel is encouraging. Additional work remains to be completed, but there has been significant progress on this important project for the City of Ottawa.

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